Incoming mail server

In all cases, the setting for Incoming Mail (POP3) should be: (e.g.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

The setting for Outgoing Mail (SMTP) depends on your Internet connection.

If you're making use of an ADSL connection, the SMTP setting usually is:
(but see SMTP Exceptions below)

The mail server uses authenticated SMTP, therefore please ensure that
"My server requires authentication" is enabled.

SMTP Exceptions

Certain ISP's do not allow sending mail via external mail servers.

Some examples are MWEB and most GSM providers, i.e. MTN, Vodacom and iBurst. Therefore, you may need to use the ISP's SMTP settings. Consult your ISP if in doubt.

Here are a few that may work for you:
MWEB: or (or .net)

Also, be aware that you usually do not need to enable "My server requires authentication" if using an ISP's SMTP server.

Enjoy your e-mailing.